Project ShowCases


Expansion of the monorail system at Hijnekamp Kozijnen

Last week Railtechniek installed a Monorail 240.000 system at Hijnekamp kozijnen in Rhenen. Hijnekamp manufactures wooden casings, windows and doors. Hijnekamp wanted to expand the existing system to increase production. Railtechniek van Herwijnen was able to help the carpentry factory with this.


Monorail expansion at Gebr. Van Herpen

This week we installed a monorail system at Bouwbedrijf Gebroeders van Herpen BV. This involves an expansion of the existing monorail system. Gebr. van Herpen has a modern machine park and is located in Heesch. The family company for many years is specialized in the production of window frames, windows, doors and roof cowls.


D8 floor conveyor at Soendgen Keramik

Recently Railtechniek installed a D8 Floor Conveyor at Soendgen Keramik GmbH. Soendgen produces a wide variety of ceramic pottery. The company has two production facilities in Germany. The floor conveyor of Railtechniek van Herwijnen is used in the Gelsdorf facility.


D8 system with rotating product suspensions at Kessels (DE)

Recently Railtechniek replaced the former K10 system at Kessels GmbH with a D8 system. Kessel is a German company from Mönchengladbach, which is specialized in the production of gas cylinders. Old bottles are treated and recycled. Some bottles even date from before the Second World War! Kessels uses the D8 system to transport the gas cylinders through the assembly lines. The project is installed in a one weekend.


90 Degrees buffer at Herding (DE)

Herding GmbH Filtertechnik is a company specialized in the manufacture of filter systems and industrial vacuum cleaning systems. Herding is based in Amberg, Germany and has several foreign branches in nine different countries.


Automated monorail system at HLT (BE)

By order of Belmeko, Railtechniek van Herwijnen has installed a conveyor system at Hayen Laser Technology (HLT) in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. HLT is specialized in laser cutting and bending of industrial sheet metal. HLT is active in many different sectors, ranging from transport and electronics to construction.


Power & Free system with interruption mechanism at Piron (Be)

Railtechniek recently installed a Power & Free system at Piron in Thimister-Clermont, Belgium.  Piron is specialized in the treatment and finishing of products for various industries such as the aerospace industry.


K8-2 Power & Free systeem at Yanfeng (CN)

Yanfeng is a company specialised in the development and production of automotive interiors. Yanfeng is headquartered in Shanghai. In addition, the company has 110 factories in 20 countries.


Automated monorail at Karl Georg (De)

By order of SLF Oberflächentechnik GmbH, our German subsidiary TFX Railtechnik has installed a conveyor system at KARL GEORG Steel Manufacturing and Processing GmbH in Ingelbach-Bahnhof, Germany. KARL GEORGE is specialised in the development and production of crane wheels, wheel sets and wheel blocks.


T1 Power & Free system at Dresel (De)

By order of MEEH Pulverbeschichtungsanlagen GmbH, our German subsidiary TFX Railtechnik has installed a powder coating system at Dresel in Rheinfelden, Germany. Dresel is specialised in sandblasting, painting, spraying and powder coating of various steel products.


T1 Power & Free systeem at Altrex WVS

For years Altrex WVS offers climb various climbing solutions, in which safety, quality and innovation are of great importance. The company has a large range of staircases that vary from simple kitchen staircases to professional three-part reform ladders.

To speed up and facilitate the production process, Altrex was looking for a system that would automatically transport the stairs through the assembly lines. Railtechniek had the perfect solution: a T1 Power & Free system.



T1 Power & Free system at Lackro-Finishing (Ro)

This week we delivered a  T1 Power & Free system at S.C. Lackro-Finishing in Timisoara, Romania. The Romanian company is a manufacturer of spraying facilities, such as spray booths and drying ovens. The system supplied by Railtechniek van Herwijnen contains a total chain length of 90 m and has a maximum load per carrier of 300 kg.

After the products have been loaded into the Power & Free system, they are first blasted. The products are then transported to the powder booths where ...


Unique D8 chain conveyor system at Technicoat in Poland.

A lot of coating companies have problems with pollution on the products of chain conveyor systems, whose bearings are relubricated with oil. Railtechniek van Herwijnen has found a solution for this by developing a chain with bearings that contain a lifetime lubrication.


Automatic Dipping Crane at JAZO.

Railtechniek recently installed a Dipping Crane at Jazo in Zevenaar. This system enables Jazo to automatically place and treat their products in the various baths.

Jazo is located in Zevenaar and specializes in the development and production of doors and ventilation grilles. Jazo wanted a Dipping Crane that would move and treat the products automatically through the system.


K8-2 Power & Free system at Feneko (Be)

Recently our German subsidiary TFX Railtechnik installed a k8-2 Power & Free system at Feneko in Brussels, Belgium. The ability to load products horizontally and transport them vertically through the system makes this system unique.

Feneko is specialized in metal manufacturing and focuses on sheet metal processing and the production of aluminum fly windows and fly doors. The Belgian company was looking for a system in which their products could be powder coated. Railtechniek had the ...


Exclusive Wampfler system at Timmerfabriek De Mol

Recently we installed a Wampfler 63 conveyor system with drop sections at Timmerfabriek De Mol. The installation is an extension of the current system of De Mol which also uses certain components of the previous system, including two pendulum beams. The system was realized within a month.

Timmerfabriek De Mol is located in Heinkenszand. The company is specialized in the processing of wooden frames, windows and doors. De Mol was interested in expanding their existing Wampfler system and ...


Shunting Bridge system at Hörmann in Dubai

Commissioned by Rippert Anlagentechnik, Railtechniek van Herwijnen has installed a conveyor system at Hörmann in Dubai. It involves a Shunting Bridge system, type 240.000. This kind of system is suitable for products up to a length of 8.2 meters and 250 kg.

Hörmann, part of the Hörmann Group, develops and manufactures revolving doors, frames and drives for use in private and commercial buildings. Hörmann approached Railtechniek for a conveyor system in their Dubai subsidiary.


Bridge Cranes at Vianen Kozijnen B.V.

Railtechniek van Herwijnen has delivered 24 Bridge Cranes at Vianen Kozijnen B.V. Teleflex. B.V., part of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen Groep, is the exclusive sales office of the Swiss GIS hoists in The Netherlands.

GIS hoists are 'the' standard within the carpentry industry, due to their high degree of reliability, attractive pricing and variation in speeds, loads and operating modes (such as radio remote controls).


STS chain conveyor at EromesMarko

Recently, Railtechniek van Herwijnen installed an STS chain conveyor system at EromesMarko in Wijchen, The Netherlands. The system enables EromesMarko's products to be guided through the pre-treathment, spray booths and ovens. Railtechniek installed the entire system within 2.5 weeks.

EromesMarko is specialized in the production of furniture, especially for schools. The products vary from tables and chairs to sofas and cupboards.


Teleflex D8 chain conveyor system at Delwi/Groennink

Delwi/Groennink supplies a wide range of products in the field of mechanical engineering. For this company based in Enschede, Railtechniek van Herwijnen has made a transfer to move crossbars through an automatic blasting machine.
Railtechniek van Herwijnen has used a Teleflex D8 chain conveyor system. This system can handle high loads and also the blasting grit has little influence due to closed bearings.

Monorail with mobile shunting wagon at Vconsyst B.V.

On behalf of Indufinish from Emmen, Railtechniek van Herwijnen delivered a monorail system with a mobile shunting wagon at Vconsyst B.V. in Gorredijk.
Vconsyst B.V. is a manufacturer of steel fences. The advantage of the system that has been delivered, is that long products of (5 metres) can be powdered and enamelled in a limited space.

Extension of existing Monorail System at Neede Timmerfabriek

At the end of September Railtechniek expanded the existing monorail system of Timmerfabriek Neede. For this project Railtechniek delivered 4 new drop sections and moved 3 old ones.


Monorail system with an exclusive assembly unit at Jöris Timmerwerken

This month, Railtechniek van Herwijnen placed a monorail system at Jöris Timmerwerken. In addition to a number of dropsections and a swing arm, the system also contains an exclusive assembly unit that makes it even easier to assemble the (large) wooden window frames.


Fully automatic Power & Free system with a shunting wagon at HF Belišće in Croatia

This week, Railtechniek van Herwijnen delivered a Power & Free system with 2 automatic bridgecranes. The system combines the advantages of a Power & Free system and a shunting wagon, creating a fully automatic and compact system.

Monorail system with drying buffer and end drop section at Van der Ende Groep

Last week Railtechniek van Herwijnen delivered a monorail system with a drying buffer and an end drop section. This system ensures that the pumps can be moved easily, allowing them to be sprayed in a high speed sequence. 

Van der Ende is located in Maasdijk (The Netherlands) and produces and supplies technical products in the field of water technology, air treatment and industrial filtration technology. In order to increase the production of pumps ...